Commercial and Civil Litigation Orange, Ulster, Sullivan Counties NY


The Law Office of Fabricant Lipman & Frishberg, PLLC represents clients for the prosecution or defense of our clients’ rights.

Our commercial and civil litigation practice ranges from conflicts arising from:

• Mortgage foreclosures
• Personal injuries
• Contract litigation, enforcement of business agreements
• Employment statutes
• Consumer laws
• Truth in lending statutes
• Injuries arising in the work place
• Conflicts between landlords and tenants
• Construction and enforcement of lease

We have prosecuted and defended against fraud claims and other business torts, and are often called upon to collect an account or enforce or defend against a contract on behalf of our commercial clients.

Fabricant Lipman & Frishberg, PLLC attorneys are experienced litigators. We provide a broad range of services to the individual and are equally qualified to prosecute and defend civil claims.

We can assist individual clients to enforce or defend against claims involving:

• Personal injuries
• Redress of private wrongs
• Collection of debts
• Enforcement of judgments
• Damages to real and personal property
• Recovery of property wrongfully detained
• Eminent domain
• Recovery of damages for libel and slander
• Employment disputes and other personal actions

Civil litigation is a challenging legal field and requires an attorney with a firm grasp of applicable law and procedure who is also effective in a courtroom, whether the matter is tried by jury or before a judge. Our litigators have years of courtroom experience and are highly qualified to represent the client’s interests in the judicial system.

For commercial and civil litigation lawyers, contact Fabricant Lipman & Frishberg, PLLC