Municipal Law: Local Government Law Experience


The Law Office of Fabricant Lipman & Frishberg, PLLC provides New York municipal and county governmental entities with comprehensive, quality professional advice and general legal counsel on all legal issues facing local public entities.

We are experienced in providing representation to
• Governing bodies
• Planning boards
• Redevelopment agencies
• Zoning boards of adjustment

Our experience encompasses nearly every facet of the current legal environment for municipalities.
We have assisted clients with
• Public meetings
• Prepared resolutions
• Ordinances and contracts
• Procurements and negotiations
• Labor negotiations
• Arbitrations

In municipal law, experience makes all the difference. We are knowledgeable experts in the numerous issues involving local governments, including:
• Local Public Contracts Law
• Open Public Records Act
• Open Public Meetings Act
• Municipal Land Use Law
• Local Lands and Building Law
• Local Redevelopment and Housing Law
• Local Budget Law
• Local Fiscal Affairs Law

Municipal legal matters frequently involve at least one, and sometimes several, of these laws. We have hands-on expertise in the nuances and implications of these laws.

Fabricant Lipman & Frishberg, PLLC has successfully provided extensive legal services to its governmental clients in the acquisition of property for open space and redevelopment in the defense of tax appeals challenging the assessment of real property, and much more.

For help with municipal and county governmental law, call on Fabricant Lipman & Frishberg, PLLC.