Zoning, Planning and Land Use: New York Zoning Lawyers


At the Law Office of Fabricant Lipman & Frishberg, PLLC in Goshen, New York, we help clients navigate the regulatory maze of zoning, planning and land use for vacant and developed tracts of land.

Identifying and navigating complex zoning laws can be difficult for property owners and developers. Rely upon our experience to provide assistance and counsel to businesses and business professionals in the areas of administrative law, land use and zoning.

Our firm help clients deal with issues in residential, commercial and industrial development, including:

• Zoning laws
• Government and environmental regulations
• Land use issues
• Subdivision and site plan approvals
• Variances and special exception permits

We know the procedures that municipalities and other governmental entities use for zoning, planning and land use. We help clients comply with these procedures. Failing to obtain necessary permissions can have a serious, negative impact on your business, even preventing you from operating your business, which will surely affect your bottom line.

Our focus is to help your business succeed and meet your goals. To this end, we make sure your business has the necessary permits and licenses. We also help check that governmental regulations, zoning requirements and other requirements are being met.

For zoning, planning and land use attorneys, call upon Fabricant Lipman & Frishberg, PLLC.